Bowery Run Here Comes Sun at Gainesfld is our third generation from Duchess and Tetley

Abbey was named for the Abbey Road album by the Beatles and the one particular song that is a fan favorite written by George Harrison in 1969.  While on a visit to Eric Clapton's country house,  "Here Comes the Sun" was penned on a tiny scrap of paper as Harrison walked around in a garden and looked up at the sky.  The lyrics of the song reflect the joy Harrison felt at the arrival of Spring...and is a reminder to look for the silver lining on any cloudy day. 

Our Abbey is just that...a ray of sunshine that finds fun in every walk and swim.  She is inquisitive and delights in running around with our other dogs in games of chase. Abbey has a gentle, easy-going, temperament with a thick otter tail and a balanced look.  She is the perfect combination of intelligence, beauty, and health all in one package to turn any frown upside down.  Special thanks to Claudia Rosen at Gainesfield Labradors and "Duffy" for sharing their pedigree with us.