Bowery Run Un Bel Giorno is our third generation from now retired Duchess and Una.  Her name means "One Fine Day" 
which gives a nod to the toe-tapping song by the Chiffons from 1963 with the line, "one fine day, you're gonna want me for your girl"   Bella was the only female from a litter of eight puppies and those sweet brown eyes kept her here.

Bella like her mother, Una, is super smart, athletic, and sweet.  She takes great joy in doing swan dives into the stream in summer after balls and sticks with great style.  Bella has some hunt drive coming through from her grandfather, Pachangas Mr. Tibbs from Chester, who is a perfectly health certified  AKC Master Hunter.  Puppies from Bella will make wonderful family companion dogs. Bella's pedigree includes Laurel Fork, Cedarwood, Hurley, Liberty Creek, Wilcare, and Thornwood kennels.