In Memory of
It was the hottest day in August 2011, when Phil, my son William, and I travelled to Virginia to meet a puppy who we hoped would someday be our future chocolate stud male after the retirement of our Moose. Little did I know at the time how transformative that day would be for Bowery Run Labradors with the introduction to Mike and Kathryn Hurley and their lovely dogs. Guinness waddled out to inspect us before quickly disappearing to sit with his face to a cooling fan...his sweetness was apparent and I was in love. I marveled at how large his head and paws were at the time wondering how he managed to carry himself around. As months went by, he grew into his head and feet to where his teddy-bear exterior became almost as large as his loving personality: the patient brown eyes that knew the last of a sandwich was coming, the gentle thud of his thick tail at the mention of his name when we thought he wasn't listening, the tongue that managed to lick to the bottom of Phil's coffee mug before Phil was finished with it, and the rollover for a belly rub for every visitor. Over the next years, Guinness went on to sire puppies that connected us to many wonderful people who travelled here from all around the country...his sons and daughters carry his legacy of beauty, loving traits, and gentle spirit. Those connections to families gave purpose to my own life which has made saying goodbye that much harder. Rest easy Dozer, Big Guy, G-Man, Melon Head, Bubba G.... and all the other nicknames we had for our buddy... always in our hearts.... Guinness. (Lori Lutz) 3/5/21