Our Retired Dogs


We retired our beautiful Penny to the loving home of Tim Chynoweth and Cindy Schannauer of Denver, PA after the passing of their chocolate 
lab, Grady. 
Tim and Cindy are kind-hearted dog lovers and operate multiple fresh produce markets and procure for some of the major grocery chains where
you may be shopping for your fruits and vegetables.  Penny will be spending her days being lavished with attention by not only Tim and Cindy but the people who help with the produce and customers as well.  Since Penny loves to travel, we look forward to hearing about her adventures riding shot-gun in Tim's truck :) 

Lady April 2011Lady
Our lovely Lady is enjoying her retirement with the Bartoli family in Mechanicsburg, PA.  Lady spends her days with her lab-sister, Cocoa, and is enjoying her daily walks with Beth and Dave.  She is living a care-free life with the four Bartoli children who give her free access to the family sofa and various beds around the house...along with lots of hugs. Lady likes to explore the fish pond and may, with encouragement, attempt a swim in the pool with Cocoa later this summer.  We know that Lady is in great hands wih the wonderful Bartoli family.                          

                                                                                                        Cocoa and Lady (on right)

We have placed our beloved Moose with the wonderful Paisley family from Aberdeen, Maryland. Moose is currently enjoying his retirement as a mascot for a baseball team, sleeping companion and guardian of the five Paisley children, and loyal buddy to Carla and Glenn. Happily, we get regular updates to Moose's adventures and appreciate all the love, care, and attention that we know he is enjoying as King of Paisleyland!


Moose enjoying retirement

Moose and Xavier

Moose and Niobe