Our Retired Dogs


A chance email from a former puppy client led to a happy reunion with Laura L Herman and Jason E Plymette.   Roma quickly adopted Laura, Jason, Phoenix the black lab, and the kitties and will be spending her days lounging, wrestling, and eyeing the refrigerator for potential snacks with her furry friends.  We're grateful for our reconnection with this fun couple who love animals; and we know that Roma will have many happy years going forward as part of their clan!

Phoenix and Roma fast friends

Tetley (Teasley)

Tetley has retired to the home of the wonderful Mundy family who own her eight year old cousin, Rolo.  I first met the Mundys through a sweet email from Rhea while she was in middle school.  She asked so many great questions about chocolate lab puppies after their beloved Lucky passed. Through the years, we've kept in touch; and now Rhea is soon to be a Penn State Grad :)   Special thanks to Taarah, Raj, Rhea, and Shania for welcoming Tetley into their home and making room on the sofa for the napping she enjoys!

Tetley on the sofa   Tetley and Rolo
Left: Tetley relaxing on the sofa.  
Right: Tetley, Rolo and Rhea


A co-worker to my niece happened to remark that her family was looking for a chocolate lab to be a companion for lake swims, boat rides, and walks in the woods around Medford, New Jersey which sounded like a personal ad in search for our Jenny.  We arrived to the home of Joyce, Ray, and Matt Smith to find welcoming hearts waiting for us in their driveway.  Without much coaxing, Jenny chased a ball into the living room and so began a happy exchange between us all.  Best wishes to our new friends, the Smith Family, with appreciation for giving Jenny her dream-dog retirement.  No doubt, she will enjoy fun times with this lovely family.


We were fortunate to get a referral from a friend who mentioned Leslie Daub as a fantastic pet home for our Una.  Having recently lost her loving companion, Sunny, her golden retriever, Leslie mentioned how quiet her home had been and her hope for another furry friend to share hikes, swims, and car rides to the mountains of Pennsylvania. Una spent a few weeks with Leslie meeting other family pets and has now become a part of the pack.  We know Una will have plenty of fun wandering the mountain trails and swimming in the pond with her new family....many thanks, Leslie :)
                                                                                                                       Gonzo, Una, and Scooter 


A chance email from a helpful son connected us to Steve and Vincentia Dolchanczyk  for the placement of Whisper after the loss of their lab.  The couple retired to the mountains after many years living in the Philadelphia area; and we shared a great deal of common ground talking about our summer trips to the Jersey Shore and growing up in the city.  We get regular pup-dates on how Whisper is doing with the cats and following Steve around the yard.  Whisper is fortunate to have a beautiful stream to frolic near the property and a loving couple to share her life with.  She enjoys getting dressed up for special occasions.  Many thanks to Stephen for letting his parents know about us for Whisper.

Whisper in her Easter hat
Whisper in her Easter Hat.


We have been fortunate in the connection we've made with John and Mary Goodman in the placement of Sienna.  It's been great fun exchanging emails about Sienna hogging the bed and chasing the bunnies as she adjusted to her new life.  Originally hailing from Alaska, this great couple had some humorous stories to tell when we were visiting.  Mary Goodman gifted us with a hand carved wood rendition of Sienna that we keep on our mantle as a reminder of our friendship.  We look forward to hearing about Sienna's adventures in the future.

Carving by Mary Goodman
John, Mary, and Sienna are best buds
Wood Carving by Mary 


We extend our sincere thanks to Bill, Lisa, Sean, and Kyle Place for their enthusiastic adoption of our sweetheart, Cassie.  She has become the constant companion of her chocolate "brother" Hugo.   Cassie is becoming a regular fixture for the crossing-guard in the neigborhood who hands out biscuits to her and Hugo while on daily walks with Bill.  Her lifestyle includes luxuriously long naps on a comfy sofa and frequent trips to a local waterway for swimming fun.  She also has the good fortune of vacationing in New York state with plenty of wildlife to chase on her hiking adventures.  We appreciate all the wonderful photographs sent to us by the Place family and are glad that they are enjoying her.

Cassie Bill and Hugo   
Bill with Cassie and Hugo (left) Cassie and Hugo enjoying a swim (right)
Lisa with Cassie and Hugo
Lisa with Cassie and Hugo


We would like to thank Maria and Chad Young for opening their home and hearts to our lovely girl,  Journey.  Now that she has retired her duties as a great mother to her puppies,  Journey has a new role as morning greeter, stream hiker, and dedicated companion to Lydia and Weston.  We look forward to seeing pictures of Journey's future adventures with the Young family.

Journey enjoys her time with Lydia and Weston

Journey's new home


Our wonderful, mellow girl Twyla had recently been retired to the loving home of Megan and Patrick Deaton.  Twyla had a wonderful time
soaking in the hugs from her two buddies Leah and Ben and looked forward to walks around the neighborhood each day.  She quickly 
became a very popular dog with all the neighbors with those gorgeous eyes and gentle demeanor.  We would like to thank the Deaton family
for extending their home and hearts to Twyla.   We will miss her.

                                                                                                 Twyla loves the Deaton children


We retired our gorgeous girl Duchess to the fun-filled home of Trish and Brian Hoerz.  Duchess joins her daughter, Jameson, and also enjoys the company of the Hoerz children: Olivia, Owen, and Sean who happily share the sofa for lounging in the living room.  I've gotten a recent report that Duchess has managed to weasel her way onto the family bed... and no doubt is snoring up a storm!  Hats off to the Hoerz family for extending a gracious hand to give Duchess the royal treatment.

                                                                          Duchess (under the blanket) and Jameson (daughter) snuggle
                                                                          up with the Hoerz children just before Christmas 2015.


Our beautiful ball-chaser, Ginger was retired to the active Benckini family to be a happy companion to Ginger's half-sister, Mollie.  Karen and Todd opened their home and pool; so that Ginger could continue to have access to the activities she most enjoys:  swimming, running, and retrieving.  Ginger and Mollie are the constant companions to Karen, Todd, Gigi, and Joey who are loving caretakers and trailblazers with their furry friends.  We are grateful to the Benckini family for their generous care of Ginger by offering her a loving home and plenty of activity.

Mollie and Ginger are the Benckini door greeters:)


We retired our beautiful Penny to the loving home of Tim Chynoweth and Cindy Schannauer of Denver, PA after the passing of their chocolate 
lab, Grady.  Tim and Cindy are kind-hearted dog lovers and operate multiple fresh produce markets and procure for some of the major grocery chains where you may be shopping for your fruits and vegetables.  Penny will be spending her days being lavished with attention by not only Tim and Cindy but the people who help with the produce and customers as well.  Since Penny loves to travel, we look forward to hearing about her adventures riding shot-gun in Tim's truck :) 

Lady April 2011Lady
Our lovely Lady is enjoying her retirement with the Bartoli family in Mechanicsburg, PA.  Lady spends her days with her lab-sister, Cocoa, and is enjoying her daily walks with Beth and Dave.  She is living a care-free life with the four Bartoli children who give her free access to the family sofa and various beds around the house...along with lots of hugs. Lady likes to explore the fish pond and may, with encouragement, attempt a swim in the pool with Cocoa later this summer.  We know that Lady is in great hands wih the wonderful Bartoli family.                          

                                                                                                        Cocoa and Lady (on right)

We have placed our beloved Moose with the wonderful Paisley family from Aberdeen, Maryland. Moose is currently enjoying his retirement as a mascot for a baseball team, sleeping companion and guardian of the five Paisley children, and loyal buddy to Carla and Glenn. Happily, we get regular updates to Moose's adventures and appreciate all the love, care, and attention that we know he is enjoying as King of Paisleyland!


Moose enjoying retirement

Moose and Xavier

Moose and Niobe