Roma   (Now Retired)
We are excited to begin our fourth generation from our original "Lady" line through our sweet girl, Bowery Run Sienna Overcome with Good.  Roma's AKC name was derived from a bible verse from Romans 12:21 "...Do not be overcome by evil; overcome evil with good".  Chosen by our  middle son, Steven, this verse had been tattooed on his chest above his heart when he completed Army boot camp training for the 82nd Airborne.  Sienna (Roma's mother) had just delivered eight puppies on the day Steven sent a screenshot of his first tattoo in April 2016.  Interestingly, as our girl Roma matured over that next summer, she developed a penchant for tomatoes from our her name turned out to have a personal meaning for her!  Roma is solid English with a dark, shiny chocolate coat and easy-going demeanor.  She is quick to flop over for belly rubs and makes great eye contact with eagerness to please.  Her pedigree includes  Round Meadow, Hurley, Cedarwood, Liberty Creek, Wilcare, and Lobuff Labradors continuing in the thirty-plus year tradition for English Labradors exhibiting health, quality, temperament and beauty.