Bowery Run Sweet Tea for Two "Teasley" is our second generation from

our now retired girl, Duchess, and Guinness.  Her quintessential
English thickness and mellow temperament give her a personality of a
lovable, cuddle bear.  Not to be outdone by her half sister, Una, our
girl Teasley can move like a locomotive after the ball or when hearing
the dinner bell.  Her eyes are round pools with a hazel glow that
easily hypnotize us to give her treats out of the biscuit jar.  She
inherited Guinness' quick flop over for belly rubs and is most
comfortable when curled on the sofa with her head on a lap.   Puppies
from Teasley would make lovely, furry speed bumps to block your way to
the refrigerator....but you won't mind... because they are love bugs.
Teasley's pedigree includes Laurel Fork, Cedarwood, Hurley, Liberty
Creek, Wilcare, and Thornwood kennels.