Food and Fitness

Dogs, like us, need good nutrition to function well and live long, healthy lives.  Sadly, there are many dog food brands that have corn as a main ingredient and a filler.  Corn has been attributed to everything from “itchy skin” to ear issues.  When you are shopping for a good quality dog food, read the main ingredient list.  It should list a protein source first:  chicken, beef, fish, or lamb with little or no corn at all.
If you are switching between dog foods, be sure to change gradually.  Changing a dog’s food quickly will often cause stomach upset and diarrhea which no one wants to deal with. 
To check the quality of the food you are using or considering, you may want to check the website:   This website rates different kinds of dog foods on a five-star scale and is a helpful guide for making healthful food choices for your dog.
We all love to “treat” our animals to snacks or food scraps.  Careful! Allowing your dog too much of a good thing can pack on the pounds in a hurry.  If the dog is overweight, it can hasten hip dysplasia.  Lavish your dog with attention instead and you will both spend less time at your vet’s office. 


Phil and Steven enjoy some play time with Lady and Penny